Our Story

Welcome to Nubia's Box!


Our naturally curly hair is our crowning jewel, that serves as a medium for the way we express ourselves. We know our ladies love to change their look from time to time, while staying true to themselves and their ethnic backgrounds.

Nubia’s Box hopes to be the Go-To company for hair extensions and hair care products, to meet the unique needs and hair patterns of every woman. We are committed to ensuring that all our natural hair queens can achieve versatile hairstyles that compliment their beauty, personality and embrace of their natural curls.  We want all our Nubian Queens, with varying curl patterns to feel represented in the beauty industry.

Our natural hair wefts are designed to add length, thickness and/ even color to any hairstyle. With diverse curl patterns, found in a variety of hair extension methods, we guarantee a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions.

Our goal is to ensure an increase in cute hairstyle varieties, a reduction in mental breakdowns over failed hairstyle attempts, and an overall improvement in your day!