How to determine your hair type?

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To all our queens who wake up in the morning and need to rush through the door,  we all have our daily struggle of the tugging of combs or unknotting of our curls? How do we approach this? We wonder. In order to fully execute our daily hair routine we need to know what is our hair type and how we can tell.

4a Hair

  • Has a defined curl pattern “s” shape, prone to dryness and frizz and slightly dull without products.

Quick tip

  • Keep creams, butter and oils on hand so they make the best styles for the type 4 hair.

4b Hair

  • Has a shape pattern z shape pattern, and more fluffy texture. Susceptible to dryness and breakage.

Quick tip

  • Detangle your hair with conditioner and comb or a detangling brush and cleanse your scalp for every two days to every two weeks.

4c Hair 

  • Tightly coiled, susceptible to dryness and breakage. More than 70%shrinkage and is the most fragile hair.

Quick tip 

  • Ensure to deep condition often to add extra moisture and strength.

You are now prepared to rush out the door on mornings with a stylish messy bun or bantu knots. Quick tips for you Nubian queens to conquer the world.


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